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Cluster Request for Deckfile


This section is about specifying a Beiboot cluster from a client using the Deckfile specification. The available parameters are currently very limited. They are placed below the nativeConfig key in a Deckfile.

Important: this API and configuration definition is not yet stable and may change at any time.


Valid string values for the context attribute are: the name of a kubeconfig cluster context. This is the kubeconfig context which is either active in your current shell (by setting export KUBECONFIG=<path>/<file>.yaml) or part of your default kubeconfig in ~/.kube/config.

The deck CLI will look for that context and activate it for all operations. It will return an error if the specified context can not be found.


You can specify the timeouts for the creation of the cluster and the Kubernetes API connection. Both values come with reasonable defaults:

api: 30 # in seconds, defaults to 30
cluster: 180 # in seconds, defaults to 180


Valid list values for the ports attribute are: a port-object defining a port-mapping. The port: <local port>:<cluster node port> definition allows to specify a port-mapping from a local port to a remote port in the cluster. This is useful to make services running in the cluster available on localhost.

Example cluster Configuration in a Deckfile


provider: beiboot
name: cluster-1
context: <context-to-host-cluster-running-beiboot>
api: 30 # in seconds, defaults to 30
cluster: 180 # in seconds, defaults to 180
- port: 61346:80


Beiboot Cluster Configuration

Editing the Cluster Configuration

The Beiboot operator creates a ConfigMap in its namespace called beiboot-congfig. This configmap contains all available configuration parameters to run logical Kubernetes clusters. You can edit the configuration with:

kubectl -n getdeck edit cm beiboot-config

The operator reads in this configmap upon each cluster creation. Changes to the configmap are immediately effective for new clusters.

Default Configuration Values

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: beiboot-config
namespace: getdeck
clusterReadyTimeout: "180"
gefyra: '{"enabled": true, "endpoint": null}'
k8sVersion: "null"
maxLifetime: "null"
maxSessionTimeout: "null"
namespacePrefix: getdeck-bbt
nodeLabels: '{"app": "beiboot", "": "true"}'
nodeResources: '{"requests": {"cpu": "1", "memory": "1Gi"}, "limits": {}}'
nodeStorageRequests: 1Gi
nodes: "1"
ports: "null"
serverLabels: '{"app": "beiboot", "": "true", "":
serverResources: '{"requests": {"cpu": "1", "memory": "1Gi"}, "limits": {}}'
serverStartupTimeout: "60"
serverStorageRequests: 1Gi
shelfStorageClass: standard-rwo
storageClass: standard-rwo
tunnel: '{"enabled": true, "endpoint": null}'