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What is a Deck?

"Deck" is a new concept coming with Getdeck. Put in a few words:

A Deck is the smallest installable unit in Getdeck

To stay with the nautical metaphor around Kubernetes: You may work on a large ship and that very ship is divided into many Decks. You can work one day on Deck A - and on Deck B the other day. But, since both Decks are on the same ship, they share a common ground. The Getdeck team decided to call installable units "Deck", because even the smallest ships have at least one Deck. Decks on a ship usually serve different purposes or offer certain capabilities and so do the Decks in Getdeck.

What is a Deck

Decks do share common components, which might end up as a production platform playing together. But, since it is not always workable to run the entire production infrastructure on a Pentium 3 notebook, Decks form a certain excerpt for you to work on. Just enough to get the work done in the required context. If you need another Deck, ask your DevOps to create it upon your requirements or go on and define it yourself.

Find Deck examples at the Deckfile specification page.

Having a Deckfile defining the development setup is crucial for working with Getdeck. It's like a docker-compose.yaml for Kubernetes-based development environments. Yet, it is more difficult to compose a Kubernetes workload than a docker-compose file, as it requires the knowledge of a Kubernetes practitioner. Please read on how to write a Deckfile to specify a Kubernetes-based development that is close to your production system by using the workload descriptors you already use.