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A tool suite to provide reproducible Kubernetes environments for development and testing.

Simple to use

Just install the binary executable deck and you are good to go.

Like docker-compose for Kubernetes.

Find a Deckfile that is describing your setup, run deck get ... and you are ready to work.
No Kubernetes knowledge required.

All dependencies managed

Helm, kustomize, k3d, kubectl? Getdeck manages all dependencies for your setup so you don't have to.

Kubernetes-based development and testing workflows done right.

On the shoulders of different Kubernetes providers

Getdeck installs and silently manages different Kubernetes distributions for local and remote development scenarios. There is an option for all flavors and requirements. And the best: developers don't even have to know the existence of these tools, nor do they have to know how to set up a cluster.

Supported Kubernetes Distros
supported Kubernetes providers

True Kubernetes environments & manageable workflows

Leverage a simple yet comprehensive workflow to rollout Kubernetes-based development and testing environments. Eliminate project onboarding time and let developers work with Kubernetes while providing a docker-compose experience. Getdeck handles all the tools so developers don't have to. Finally, set the development mindset for service-oriented architectures. Getdeck is the building block for your Kubernetes-based development strategy.

Getting started
workflow of getdeck

Kubernetes resources at your disposal

Never create dedicated development environments again! Use the Kubernetes workloads you already use for production. This can be every location: ranging from public Helm repositories (especially for 3rd party resources) to private Git repositories. Getdeck allows you to draw all resources across different locations together.

workload locations Getdeck can work with

Flexible workload origins & standard components

Whether mono-repo or distributed across many different sources: Getdeck easily compiles development workloads from all kinds of sources. Users of Getdeck don't need to know anything about Helm, Kustomize or even how to apply a workload descriptor with kubectl.

workload options that Getdeck can work with

Download Getdeck

We're open source

Common development stacks ready to lift off

Enjoy well-tested Kubernetes standard stacks

Getdeck Wharf is a collection of common tech stacks or advanced components running in Kubernetes. Feel free to use the Deckfiles from the wharf for your local development. The well-crafted development setups in the wharf will be checked regularly to prevent a dependency drift and ensure they are working.

Go to Wharf
the Getdeck Wharf logo

Open and free community
based software

We decided to make this project open-source to inspire others with our idea: making Kubernetes a development platform.
You can easily give Getdeck a go. If something does not work, open up an issue. Implement another Kubernetes provider or source compiler. We are more than happy to receive all kinds of feedback and contributions.

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