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Getdeck as a Service

In order to test Getdeck completely free and easily we are providing you with a free Kubernetes cluster that you can spin up using Getdeck and use as you please. The following details are valid for that Cluster:

Specs for the free cluster:

  • max. 4h cluster lifetime
  • no session timeout
  • max. 3 nodes (max. 2 cores, 6GB RAM, 50GB Storage)
  • max. 1 cluster at a time

Please note, we have limited ressources available for this free setup. If there are many users trying to run a cluster at the same time, you may not be able to spin up a new cluster and waiting time may be involved.

If you like Getdeck, please give us a ⭐ star on GitHub and support this project.

Get started here

Need more resources?

If you like Getdeck-as-a-Service but need more resources such as cluster lifetime, nodes, or general computing power, please reach out to us and we can discuss what's possible: