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Getdeck hosted by you

Be the host

Of course you can run Getdeck also within your own infrastructure, and provide the host cluster. Getdeck is open source and you can find everything you should need in our Getdeck Github repository


Of course setting up Getdeck in you own infrastructure is a little more complex than simply using our Getdeck-as-a-Service offering. Hence, if you get stuck, we are happy to help you as good as we can. Please use the following channels:

Current state

Please note that Getdeck is currently in an early stage. We are relying on the community to tell us if something is not working or not behaving as expected. Also, we need the input of the community to figure out where we need to take Getdeck next, from a feature perspective. So, please, in any of these cases, open an issue on Github.

Getdeck has been tested on:

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