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Getdeck Introduction

Ad hoc virtual clusters in a few minutes

Getdeck enables you to easily spin up virtual kubernetes clusters that you can use for development and testing. Getdeck also allows you to save your current development state, tear the cluster down and restore it at any time.


  • Create a fresh ad-hoc Kubernetes cluster in seconds (much faster than Terraform or Cloud-provider)
  • Automatic management of Getdeck clusters (via lifetime, inactivity, etc.)
  • Shelve ("snapshot") a running Getdeck cluster with state and restore them as often as needed
  • Run isolated workloads within Kubernetes; cheap and with the best resource utilization
  • Automatic distribution of kubeconfig and tunnel connection to clients (using the Beiboot client package)
  • Built-in support for local development with Gefyra

Two options for testing Getdeck

  1. The quickest way to test Getdeck is by using our free Getdeck-as-a-Service offer. Just follow the installation steps. We take care of hosting and paying for your cluster.

  2. You want to host Getdeck yourself? Then follow the documenation for selfhosted Getdeck. Please be aware, that this needs some experience. However we are happy to help you on the channels listed under "Support"


Regardless which option you choose, if you struggle in the setup of Getdeck, please reach out to us through the following channels:

If you like Getdeck, please give us a ⭐ star on GitHub and support this project.