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Getdeck Introduction

Getdeck Logo

Getdeck is an application to create reproducible Kubernetes development infrastructure.

The main focus is on simplicity and convenience for the 99% software developers.

Getdeck does not interfere with production-close Kubernetes systems. It also does not support production deployments.

Getdeck is a command-line application (deck) and file specification (Deckfile) around the concept of a Kubernetes Deck. If you want to know more about the concept itself, head over to the documentation of the concept or the Deckfile specification. Getdeck handles the workflow of providing parts of your existing Kubernetes infrastructure to Developers or Testers without having them to be Kubernetes experts, too. Think of Getdeck as the docker-compose for your existing Kubernetes workloads.

If you already have members in your team putting a lot of effort in writing secure, compliant and off-the-shelf Kubernetes workloads, why don't you use (at least parts of it) these for development, too?

Are you a developer?

You understand your main task in writing code? - follow along the developer-specific introduction.

Are you a DevOps?

You know all the things about Kubernetes or want to provide service to your developers? - follow along with the DevOps specific introduction.


The following features are currently the scope of Getdeck:

  • Roll out different Kubernetes-cluster on local development machines:
  • Define local Kubernetes environment using different source types for workloads:
    • Helm, including many supported Helm plugins
    • kustomize
    • Plain YAML files or directories
  • Read Kubernetes workloads from different sources:
    • Http(s)
    • Git
    • Filesystem
  • Management of locally required tools (i.e. installation, version handling, etc.)
  • Ease of use: one command for setting up local environments, one command for tearing it down again


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