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Gefyra Integration

A pretty awesome development setup can be created when we can develop locally on our laptops but can connect to remotely hosted clusters or services. Because this is something we always wanted we created Gefyra for super smooth local development and Gefyra natively integrates with Getdeck for efficient development.

Give this a shot!

The connection parameters for Gefyra to connect (upon gefyra up) are pulled in automatically from the kubeconfig. Make sure you are using the kubeconfig for the Beiboot cluster in your current shell.

Important: The host cluster must allow UDP connections to the port range defined in the Beiboot cluster configuration. Please see the values from the gefyra attribute in the Beiboot cluster configuration.

The default port range is 31820-31920, which allows for 100 simultaneous Beiboot clusters to be connected with Gefyra. Important: Please make sure the nodes of your host Kubernetes clusters can be reached from client machines and are not blocked by a firewall or NAT.