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Shelf - store and restore the state of a cluster

Getdeck comes with the functionality to easily store and restore the state of a Beiboot cluster. Currently, it can only be used with beibootctl, but will be added soon in Getdeck-Desktop. This is a crucial feature to:

  • quickly spin up development clusters from a proven baseline
  • store the state of a development cluster when deleting it for some time
  • spin up a temporary cluster with data for automatic testing
  • spin up a temporary staging-/pre-prod cluster with data for manual testing

When using beibootctl, it's as easy as running beibootctl shelf CLUSTER_NAME to create a shelf of the cluster. Its Etcd state, as well as the data of the node PVCs will be stored.

Restoring a cluster state can be achieved by running beibootctl cluster create CLUSTER_NAME --from-shelf SHELF_NAME. This will restore the Etcd state and pre-provision the data PVCs of the nodes.