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Beiboot Cluster Configuration

Editing the Cluster Configuration

The Beiboot operator creates a ConfigMap in its namespace called beiboot-congfig. This configmap contains all available configuration parameters to run logical Kubernetes clusters. You can edit the configuration with:

kubectl -n getdeck edit cm beiboot-config

The operator reads in this configmap upon each cluster creation. Changes to the configmap are immediately effective for new clusters.

Default Configuration Values

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: beiboot-config
namespace: getdeck
clusterReadyTimeout: "180"
gefyra: '{"enabled": true, "endpoint": null}'
k8sVersion: "null"
maxLifetime: "null"
maxSessionTimeout: "null"
namespacePrefix: getdeck-bbt
nodeLabels: '{"app": "beiboot", "": "true"}'
nodeResources: '{"requests": {"cpu": "1", "memory": "1Gi"}, "limits": {}}'
nodeStorageRequests: 1Gi
nodes: "1"
ports: "null"
serverLabels: '{"app": "beiboot", "": "true", "": "true"}'
serverResources: '{"requests": {"cpu": "1", "memory": "1Gi"}, "limits": {}}'
serverStartupTimeout: "60"
serverStorageRequests: 1Gi
shelfStorageClass: standard
storageClass: standard
tunnel: '{"enabled": true, "endpoint": null}'